Skill Keywords and Key Phrases

Governance and Methodology

Agile, Asset Management, Backups, Budgets, Business Continuity, Change Management, DHCP, DIACAP, DNS, Disaster Recovery And Planning, EHR, Encryption, ePHI, Group Policy Object, HIPAA, Offshore Development, PCI, PII, SDLC


Active Directory, Adobe Captivate, Backup Exec, cPanel, DTS, EHR, Exchange, FTP Commander, FileZilla, GitHub, GotoMeeting, HyperV, IIS, Integrity For Eyes, Keypass, LogMeIn, Microsoft Office, MySQL, NextGen EHR, NextGen EMR, Oracle, Project, SFTP, SQL Server, SSL, SaaS, SugarCRM, Synology Apps, Teamviewer, Tortoise, WebEx, WinSCP, Windows Server, WordPress


ASA/Pix, Barcode Printers, Cisco Routers, Cisco Switches, Dell SonicWall Firewalls, NAS, Racks, SAN, Servers, VNC, Workstations

Languages / Markups

ASP, Batch File, CFML, HTML, PHP, SQL, VBScript


2X, Acquisitions, Active Directory, Active Directory 2003, Active Directory 2008, Adobe Captivate, Agile, Apache, ASA/Pix, Asset Management, Backup Procedures, Backup Servers, Backup Exec, Backups, Barcode Printers, Budget Preparation, Business Continuity, Business Writing, CentOS, Change Management, Charts, Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Cisco Routers, Cisco Switches, Classic ASP, Client Workstation Maintenance, Client Workstation Setup, Client Workstation Support, Cloud, Cold Fusion / CFML, Contractors, Cost-Benefit Analysis, cPanel, CRM, Customer Assistance, Customer Service And Support, Data Center Operations, Data Conversions, Database, Database Administration, Database Servers, Dell Sonicwall, DHCP, Diagrams, Disaster Recovery, Disaster Recovery And Planning, DNS, Documentation, DTS, EHR, Electronics Technology And Repair, Email Servers, Encryption, Endpoint Protection, ePHI, ETL, Excel, Exchange, Execution, Filezilla, Firewalls, FTP Commander, GitHub, GotoMeeting, Graphic Design, Group Policy Objects, Hardware Installation, HIPAA, HTML, HyperV, IIS, Image And Video Editors, Information Technology Terminology, Instructional Technology, Internet Security, Javascript, Keypass, Leadership, Lean, LogMeIn, Management, Mapping, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL 2005, Microsoft SQL 2008, MS Access, MS Internet Information Server, MS Project, MS SQL Server Admin, MS SQL Server Administration, Multimedia Presentations, MySQL, NAS, Network Attached Devices, Network Authentication, Network Monitoring, Network Security, Networking, Offshore Development Team, On Premises, Oracle, Organizing, Outage Management, Outlook, Outsourcers, Personnel, Phone Systems, PHP, Planning, Power Management, Powerpoint, Print Servers, Problem Management, Procedures, Processes, Production Management, Project Management, Resource Allocation, Rollouts, SaaS, SAN, Scheduling, Security Audits, SEO, Server Administration, Shell, Situation Management, Software Upgrades, Specifications, SQL, SQL Server, SSRS, Standard Operating Procedures, Storage, SugarCRM, SVN, Switches, Symantec Backup Exec, Synology, System Configuration, TCP/IP, Team Building, Teamviewer, Technical Writing, Terminal Services, Thin Client Technology, Tortoise, Training, Troubleshooting, User Support, VbScript, Vendors, Version Control, Visio, VMware, VNC, Voice Servers, VoIP, VPN, Web Development Concepts, Web Server Administration, Webex, Websites, Windows Server, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server Admin, WINS, WinSCP, Word, WordPress, WordPress Plugins