Authority or Agency Certification Name
SolutionReach Patient Relationship Management [Basic]
Brainbench Job Role Project Manager
Brainbench Job Role IT Manager
Brainbench Job Role Manager/Supervisor
Brainbench Job Role Information Security Administrator
Brainbench Job Role Windows System Administrator
Brainbench Job Role Web Administrator (BCIP)
Brainbench Change Management
Brainbench Systems Analysis
Brainbench Business Communication
Brainbench Coaching
Brainbench Information Technology Security Fundamentals
Brainbench Technical Writing
Brainbench MS Excel
Brainbench Operations Concepts
Brainbench Project Management
Brainbench Presentation Skills
Brainbench Listening Skills
Brainbench Managing People (U.S.)
Brainbench Interviewing and Hiring Concepts U.S
Brainbench Legal Issues for HR and Management U.S
Brainbench Business Math
Brainbench Diversity Awareness
Brainbench Sexual Harassment Awareness
Brainbench ITAA (Now CompTia) Information Security Awareness
Brainbench HIPAA Privacy
Brainbench HIPAA Security
Brainbench Business Writing
Brainbench Customer Assistance
Brainbench Information Technology Terminology
Brainbench MS Internet Information Server Administration
Brainbench MS SQL Server 2008 Administration
Brainbench Network Authentication
Brainbench Server Administration
Brainbench Web Development Concepts
Brainbench Windows 2008 Admin
Brainbench HTML 4.0
Brainbench Network Monitoring
Brainbench Networking Concepts
Brainbench Network Security
Brainbench TCPIP Administration
Brainbench Web Server Administration
Brainbench Disaster Recovery And Planning
Brainbench Internet Security
CompTia Network +
KnowBe4 HIPAA (Healthcare)
KnowBe4 HIPAA – Privacy Essentials
KnowBe4 HIPAA – Security Rules for Business Associates
KnowBe4 HIPAA for Non-Medical Employees
KnowBe4 KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training
KnowBe4 Privileged Access
KnowBe4 Secure Database Administration
KnowBe4 Secure Linux Administration
KnowBe4 Respecting Privileged Access
KnowBe4 Privileged User Access Management